adopting an overseas child

Adopting a child from another country – know your rights

If you are going abroad to adopt a child (expatriate adoption), you need to ensure you fully understand and comply with the legislation in the child’s country. Failing to comply can see you arrested for child trafficking. You could be detained or jailed overseas.

Intercountry adoption is when an Australian living in Australia adopts a child from abroad through governments in their Australian state and territory.

The appropriate government authority in the child’s country administers the arrangement abroad. This approach is directed by the Hague Convention on intercountry adoption under which Australia has formal adoption agreements.

Expatriate adoption is when an Australian living overseas adopts a child from the country they are living in.

Expatriate adoption happens through the overseas country’s procedures and is finalised in that nation.

The adoption could include a third state. An Australian living in Country B may adopt a child from Nation C.

Australian states and territories aren’t responsible for expatriate adoptions. They don’t assess or accept applications for such adoptions.

Tips before you adopt a child from abroad:

Figure out the local legislation about adoption, even if unsure get legal counsel

Arrange adequate travel insurance for you and your adopted child

Organise psychological and practical support from family and friends, for a period you are away and when you return home with your child

Read the travel tips for your destination, know precisely what the dangers are for you and your kid so that you may remain safe.