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Getting that touch of luxury

For some, the idea of luxury is one of indulgence and opulence. For others, luxury is all about treating oneself and enjoying something that is out of the ordinary.

The different paths to enjoying even the smallest of luxuries can sometimes be difficult to explain, but some find it hard to indulge in something special for psychological reasons.

To really enjoy something like a lavish meal at a top restaurant or stay at a prestigious hotel or at an island resort, you need to feel that you deserve it. This could be as a reward for meeting a particular personal goal or as a celebration for a special occasion or specific milestone. 

There are those who baulk at the idea of indulging in any luxury of that level. 

These people might see that going to even a so-called ‘fancy’ restaurant once a year is the same as sitting back on a hotel verandah enjoying the best non Cuban cigars from a  boveda.

Luxury means different things to different people and those luxuries come in different forms too. 

A shift to feeling special 

There’s nothing quite like having the perfect surroundings to lift your mood and help you feel relaxed, calm and clear-headed. The setting can bring all kinds of feelings to the surface such as peace, inspiration or even reinvigoration.

Rather than having a dull or uninspiring set up, you can transform your place with some simple changes that make the most of natural light, textures and utilise the dimensions of the entire space.

This can be achieved with a very basic rearrangement of the furniture. Getting rid of unwanted and unused items (especially bulkier pieces) can bring a whole new feel to a room or the overall house itself.

With the right type of formation and styling, the same furnishings can look almost brand-new and allow for a new look that can contribute to a renewed energy to the space.

Adding a touch of luxury in the form of a vase, featured artwork or a lamp can make for a significant shift in the appearance of the room and all the other items in view. This one eye-catching piece can become a focal point for the room.

A little luxury or a complete indulgence 

The point about adding a luxurious item is that it brings a highlight to the often mundane setting in a space.

As an example, having the carpets removed and adding in a stylistic change such as whitewash floorboards or a high-quality timber floor polish can be all it takes to rejuvenate the place.

The beauty of timber is that it is a natural resource with a special charm and connection for most people. It has a warm and grounding effect on the human psyche because it is a return to the natural world rather than being an artificial substance.

Floorboards and even decking can be a brilliant way to add character to a room and highlight the beauty of the natural light.

This change can be seen as an indulgence, especially if the space is quite large. On the other hand, if it is utilising the timber within the home and reworking the original flooring, it can be a great way to make more of the existing resources. 

Fair and fine place to work

It’s one thing to have a beautiful place to go home to, but what about your workspace?

Most people – even those who have the capacity to work from home still – spend many hours in their workplace environment. 

While there are outlines in the Fair Work Act to be looked at when it comes to working from home and under what circumstances. The Act itself states that “some employees who have worked for the same employer for at least 12 months can request flexible working arrangements”. 

Even without referencing Fair Work legislation, it is now seen as part of a normal work role to have the provision of working different hours and to include working remotely in some capacity.

During the times that someone is working from the office or workplace, it is a good idea to have the space furnished in a combination of style, character and functionality.

Not every workplace can be the model of stunning interior design, but there are ways to include elements that set the space up as one that is productive and inviting.

There is a fine line between adding personality to a work environment without hindering the ability for people to do their jobs or be distracted. 

The start of something special

Now is the time to make more of your place and include a small touch of luxury. 

There are a number of ways to make more of your day and feel special. The list includes simple but effective ideas such as:

  • Spending a moment to enjoy time for yourself
  • Savouring a quality products like a single origin coffee or a high-grade tea
  • Setting up a new place that indulges your senses and sense of taste
  • Showing off your artistic side by displaying an art or craft project of your own

These are small, yet powerful examples of what you can do to bring some special inspiration to your day and even help motivate you while you work.

To think of doing something that you love as being a luxury is a way to restrict yourself and dampen your mood. If anything, it is more important than ever to inspire yourself and those around you by rewarding the hard work you do that often goes unnoticed.

While it is important to make sure that you don’t overindulge, it is just as important to enjoy a luxury every now and then to keep yourself refreshed and reinvigorated. 

A luxury doesn’t mean that you spend thousands of dollars on yourself that you can’t afford. It does mean focussing on what is important to you and making sure that you have a reward when you need it and a source of inspiration you can draw from every day.